Hippocrates, the famous Greek philosopher and the Father of Medicine said, "you feed the disease when you feed the sick". Food is the basic foundation for the entire living organism. It is one among the essential elements for the survival. Hence this has to be disciplined in a healthy way, to meet the requirements of the body and its vital functions. The science that deals with the right combination of food and thier role in promoting the positive health is termed as Dietetics

Natural Diet

Natural Diet is a positive diet plan based on the basic principles of Nature. It is purely a vegan (Vegetarian) diet prepared with all the available natural resources. This particular diet plan is greatly used by Naturopath and nutritionists around the world as a preventive diet programme. Attention is given to include Whole grains, Fibre, Vegetables, Fruits, Plant proteins, Fresh juices in this diet programme.

Therapeutic Diet

A therapeutic diet is that which is designed to treat a specific ailments. There are different classification of diet used to treat the different ailments.

Food Combinations
Starch Protein Fat Cooked Veg Salads Citrus Fruits Melons
Starch Good Bad Good Good Good Bad Bad
Protein Bad Bad Bad Good Good Poor Bad
Fat Good Bad Good Good Good Good Bad
Cooked Veg Good Good Good Good Good Poor Bad
Salads Good Good Good Good Good Moderate Bad
Citrus Fruits Bad Poor Good Poor Moderate Good Bad
Melons Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Good

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